Can I use MySkin Barcelona’s products if I suffer from rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis or sensitive skin?

Yes; our formula has been tested for more than 30 years in all skin types. In our center, we have treated and improved significantly numerous dermatitis cases with our methodology and skin care products. People with symptoms such as redness, itching skin, sensitive skin, severely sunburned and many other problems have improved their condition and healed their skin after using our products for a constant period of time.

What are the benefits of using a product with no wax or grease?

Our formula doesn’t contain wax or grease simply because if they did, these would not allow that the powerful active ingredients and properties the products contain get deeply absorbed by skin. Common formulas in face creams are made with wax; this creates a layer in the epidermis and blocks pores, preventing skin from transpiration. Grease doesn’t add any nutritious value to a skincare product, and neither can it be absorbed by skin. The texture and feel in our cell repairers leave no doubt about the absence of these two components, and that is what makes us different, amongst other things, to other cosmetic products or brands.
How does your formula combat aging?

All skins age because we lose moisture, and this is due to many different reasons such as time, nutrition, stress, environmental pollution… when we lose moisture, skin wrinkles and flaccidity appear. It then becomes really important to provide skin with the hydration it’s losing, through a product which gets well absorbed and contains the proper vitamins and minerals in order to combat aging. A product which contains wax doesn’t allow skin to absorb its properties, and can not hydrate. With are cell repairers formula, products penetrate all skin layers and deeply hydrate; that is how our skincare products are able to combat aging.
Are all products dermatologically tested?

All our products have been tested in more than 3.000 people, throughout our 35 years journey.
Can any of the ingredients be damaging to skin?

All our ingredients are thoughtfully selected, both in terms of their origin and of the percentages we use in the composition of each of our products. Non of the ingredients we use, in the percentages we use them, can be damaging to skin, considering algo the strict processes and treatments they are put through. We count on a professional chemist team, specialized in the field of skincare, who guarantee the quality of the products we produce. 

My skin is very sensitive - can any ingredient cause an allergy on me?

Throughout our 30 years history, we have never observed an allergy or sensitive reaction caused by any of our products in any person’s skin.
Why do you chose to use PET containers and bottles for your products?

Our choice of using PET containers has to do with our compromise with the environment. PET containers are recyclable and reusable. We submit the containers that clients give back to us when there is no more product in them to a disinfecting processs and we use them again when their condition is perfect. Otherwise, we recycle them. Also, PET containers have a significantly inferior weight to glass containers. Considering the amount of shipment we do from our online store, the carbon footprint impact we leave on the planet is considerable.
Do you test on animals?

No. We have never tested our products on animals.
Where do you produce?

All our production is local; our laboratory is located in Barcelona, and our suppliers are from close by towns and cities. We believe in fair trade and contribute to a sustainable economy, employing small and medium businesses which surround us. 

How long does a 100ml (3.38Oz) Marine DNA last? And 220ml (7.4Oz) ?

How long each products lasts depends on the amount you apply every day, thus to each person skin’s needs. Generally, making an average use of 1-2 applications per day, and applying a generous amount of cell repairer to skin, Marine DNA and Anti Aging 100ml (3.38Oz) last between one month and one month and a half. In the case of the 220ml container, (7.4Oz), three months in average.
How much do national shippings cost?

Shippings to Península and Portugal are free.
How many days do orders take to arrive?

Orders take between 24 and 72 hours to arrive to their destination from the moment they are picked up from our office. 
Can I do a follow up of my order?

Yes. As soon as you do your online purchase, you will receive an email which will include a follow up order number with which you can check its status on the delivery company’s webpage.
Do you do shippings to the Canary Islands?

We still don’t do shippings to the Canary islands. If you live in the Canary Islands and are interested in getting our products, send us an email to info@myskinbarcelona.com and we will try to get you your order.
What is your refund policy?

If a product arrived in a bad condition, we accept returned deliveries and will refund the money to you, and if the wrong product arrived, we will send again the right one. In both cases, we will assume the cost of the return shipping. If any of those things happened, first send us an email to admin@myskinbarcelona.com with a picture of the product and a description of the problem. We will respond in less than 48 hours with the instructions for the refund or change. 
How many days do national shippings take to arrive?

National shippings (including Portugal) take between 24 and 72 hours to arrive to their destination from the moment they are picked up from our office.
How long do International shippings take to arrive?

International shippings take between 3-4 labour days to arrive to their destination from the moment they are picked up from our office, and are delivered from monday to friday, 10am to 7pm.NOTE: The countries listed below may add custom charges which the customer is responsable of paying. Suitzerland, Gibraltar, Anglonormandas Islands, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Andorra, Bosnia, Servia, Iceland, Albania, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine.
What happens if I’m not home when my package arrives?

For international orders, (excluding Portugal) if you are not home when your package is delivered, the company will take your order to the nearest UPS Access Point, and will inform us about its location. We will get in contact with you, via email, as soon as know where you have to pick it up.
What do I do if I realize I typed wrong the address?

If you typed wrong the delivery address, contact us inmediately by sending an email to admin@myskinbarcelona.com with the correct address so we can inform the shipping company.
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